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#177894 - In one final act of rebellious defiance, she pleadingly implored, “Oh my goodness, Brax, what can we do? Please help me pray for guidance to find an answer!” In an attempt to console and comfort the worrying woman’s mind, Brax took her soft, feminine hands into his work-toughened grip and held on tightly. Infuriated words burst from this offended woman’s mouth, “Mister, women most certainly do drive cars! Why, I’m a woman and I’ve been driving for years! And Sir, I don’t have a man, I don’t need a man, and I don’t want a man!” Before Brax could defend himself, M’lissy’s tirade continued, “Sir, if I were a man who had just ran down a stranger with a vehicle, I believe I might inquire as to whether or not the person might have sustained an injury!” Properly chastised and berated, Brax took no offense. This may be a forbidden intimacy, but one she would allow.

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