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#7767 - The lunch time rush arrived and we took them all, it was good fun, as one guy filled a hole with cum, another slipped in and began it all again, several times, either Grant Liz or myself, would sit over the others faces and empty out a load of cum, I took 3 or 4 dp’s with two cocks either in my butt and pussy or both in one or the other, Grant, seemed to double just about all the time now, and at one time, Jim fisted him, to the elbow, as guys looked on. But the look and cum running down her legs would let any one know she had been enjoying herself over the last few days. As he fucked my mouth, Grant moved over ready to take his cock, cum leaking out of his butt already, after taking a double tag, from 2 new guys, Mark fucked his mouth first, then swapped to fuck his arse, a short time later a loud grown told us, Mark had cum, Grant letting him empty his balls in his butt, before sitting over my face and filling my mouth juicy cum.

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Sexy af
Miyako asami
Such a cutie
Makoto sawatari
Awersome body but we want see your eyes also