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#256369 - We go into the most beautiful kitchen that I have ever seen she tells me to take a seat while she goes to the fridge and pull out a beer and ask me if I want anything and I say soda and she has is coke ok and I say yes, she tells me that she has sandwich’s in the family room she shows me where it is and she tells me that she will show me around later when we get there it really looks comfortable with couches and a big screen tv and a shelf full of movies she tells me to help myself and I pick up a sandwich and a bag of chips as I am eating she tells me that when Eric comes out of his office he will join us and we will go of the rules and what she expects of me. I ask Molly if she has any questions she says no! I tell her that once we get home she will be shown to her room she says she thought that she would sleep with me and Michael I tell her that she will but there will be times when she will need her own space. I ask her how does she feel about having kids she says that she likes

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