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#71734 - Lust Pet screams out again from this very unpleasant painful sensation as she hits the floor hard, it knocks the breath out of her! The woman then kicks her hard several times which rolls her over onto her stomach! Pet just lays there hardly able to move for a moment, still scared to death as the other two women kneel down and hold her, then they all take turns savagely beating her bare white 36” round bottom with their bare hands! The viscous slaps can easily be heard out in the bar as bare wet flesh and hard open hands come together most perversely! Pets bottom changes from white to pink to bright red as she sobs, and pleads for them to stop! When they finally do, and are about to leave the older woman hesitates for a moment, reaches down and pulls both of Lust Pets ankles up and unceremoniously pulls off her lime green 3'' heels, saying I like these! Then says, yu don't mind do you nympho bitch, I din't think so? Lust Pets very sore bottom and the se

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