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#269747 - We arose late in the morning, helped our hosts tidy up, said our good bye’s and headed home for a proper rest. Sally then stood up walked to the side board and removed a black strap on from the draw, after she lube it up she walked back to Jan and climbed up on the bed and placed herself between Jan’s legs before asking Jan to open her eyes, we saw the smile come across Jan’s face when she saw the size and colour of the fake cock hanging off Sally’s body and heard Jan say “Oh yes please darling” as Sally began to slip the big black cock up on in to the depths of Jan’s eager cunt, as Sally began moving in and out of Jan with great control she leaned forward placing her left nipple into the waiting mouth below her, Jan’s tongue came out to play, licking the nipple before she closed her mouth around it and began sucking with great intent. Carol’s tongue rushed into Sally’s wide open mouth and her spare hand reached straight down to massage an already well lubricated pussy as Carol soon

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