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#280286 - I pull out and tell her to turn over and get up on all fours she looks at me and I know she isn’t going to like it when I push the button on the intercom and tell Kathy to get in here. Kathy- I have never seen anything like this I know that Master has killed other slaves but I have never thought I would see it as I cum hard from playing with my pussy and so does Mistress as the girl’s limp body fall to the floor. I tell her to get up and I tell the maid to lay across the bed and I get a belt and I begin to whip her as she screams and cries I ask her if she wants to die and she says no Mistress so I tell her that when I tell her to do something that she better do it.

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Hokuto hayasugi
Imagine the mic right beside her picking up all that goodness
Tori aoi
We are searching for some new participants now
Aizono manami
I like her old hair cut
I like the productio goes to the theme and is very nicely lighted and both are fit and is nice to see them in action regards
Well that was hot