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#362260 - Escorting us back inside then out to the pool “Hey Guys look at what we found outside!” Joe’s face darkens as he sees us, getting up and grabbing Sherry by the arm. Unlike the others this cock makes me want to puke, it’s the taste of rancid food as it slides back and forth over my tongue. Finding nothing that would suffice,I turn and start detailing our next few hours! “First I need one or both of you to go shop for food!” The look on their faces as i continue is hysterical “You know burgers, frozen pizzas and what eer else you guys wants to eat when you get back with it!” And to let them know I mean it “Oh and make sure to get something to drink while you’re out! They nod their heads “When you get back Gary, Dave and Peter will be here and the true meaning of memorial day will really begin If you get my meaning!” They do but they wonder where they were going to get food and drink on the holiday Monday! “Try the chink market you know they have no respect for our holidays!” Fin

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