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#125330 - 06 rifle!!! Get up, punk, she spat while dancing around her fallen prey, you want some more of this or are have you had enough!?! Dazed and confused he struggled to his feet only to have her catch him with a cross body block that sent him flying to the floor while landing with a sickening thud!!! This time she wasn't giving him any mercy, and in a fit of pure anger, she leaped on top of him while hooking his neck in a powerful scissors lock, and while she began crushing the life out of him she asked evilly, So asshole, you think we're pussies, huh, well take this mother fucker!!! Dean struggled helplessly while Shelby held his neck between her powerful thighs, and in a moment of pure inspiration, she rolled him over onto his back and with a little chuckle gurgling up from her throat, she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and forced her gaping vagina down onto his open mouth while asking, Are you hungry, little boy, I hope so 'cuz you're gonna eat whet

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