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#314312 - After another shower and more masturbating, she put her mini skirt, a plain white vest and no underwear , 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. At 11:59 there was a knock on the door, Lauren walked towards the door shaking, and as soon as she opened the door 2 well built men barged into the room, one picked her up and moved to the bed where he put here down, and the other handed her a thong which had a 8” dildo for her cunt and a smaller 6” dildo for her ass attached to it, she put it on and it started to weakly vibrate, the man who gave her the thong said ‘Don’t speak, if you cum before you see mistress Natalie then she will punish you’. When they were as clean as they were going to be she turned on the shower and started cleaning herself.

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