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#115695 - I was aware of you moving rapidly under me, your sharp nails etching patterns on my back, your sharp teeth in my shoulder or neck, the savage sounds that you threw into the room, your legs that for one minute would be spread wide apart would the next minute be wrapped tightly around my body, your tight flower that was now overflowing with nectar that clings to my stem as it rapidly emerges and submerge, the slapping sounds of our body meeting my own inhuman sounds. Still I continued to play and caress until the centre of your flower was very wet, it was then that I rolled on you and began to tease your ear with my tongue, at the same time my stem pass through your garden, between the petals and over the bud to the centre of your flower, with a slight forward push I felt your flower open as a soft moan escapes your lips, your fingers press on my back, I felt the silky tightness of your flower clasp unto my stem.

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Lee sin
I love your form and breasts
Ruiko saten
Angelica rose