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#1990 - John turned to the busty Asian woman who was already weeping with fear ‘You see what happens to those who disobey me?’ he asked, the Asian girl nodded ‘Will you obey me?’ he asked, she nodded again and so he undid her bonds and lay on his back, his legs spread ‘then suck me off, now’ he demanded, she nodded again and lay down, her head between his legs, she wrapped her tongue around one of his testicles, then the other, licking each one gently , then moving onto the shaft, running it up and down with the tip of her tongue before taking the head in her mouth, she sucked slowly, gently, it was an amazing feeling for John, she took his whole penis willingly, deepthroating on purpose and as John looked about to orgasm she held the tip of his penis in her mouth while jacking him off and as his sheet shot into her mouth she began swallowing every drop. ‘I’m not going to lie to you Lorraine’ John started, he watched Lorraine’s eyes widen in the darkness, she hadn’t known it was him ‘You

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