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#343757 - As Dawn casually slipped her boobs back into her bra the older lady asked again, So, how do I go about getting some of that!?! I'm sorry ma'am, Dawn replied smoothly, he's just customer and not an employee of the store!!! Well I'm sorry too, she replied, but if I don't get my cunt sucked and quick, I'm gonna complain to management about you two, and while nothing will happen to him, I'm pretty damn sure you'll get your cute little ass fired!!! Dawn looked helplessly at Ryan and with pleading eyes whispered, Please help, if you don't suck her I'll lose my job!!! Ryan gave the older woman a quick once over and while not believing the pickle he found himself in, he shrugged his shoulders and said, Sure, why not, but we have to make it fast, cuz I'm late for an appointment!!! Dawn led Ryan and the woman to a dressing room in the back corner of the store and while closing the door behind them said, Make it snappy, my

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