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#97419 - Reaching up to get a firm handful of her titflesh that shivered with the onslaught of my prick pounding hard & fast to bring her off with a series of strokes which sent those sticky juices cascading over my balls as she yelled, “YES, YESS, YESSS, YYYEEESSSSS” in a delirium of satisfaction at reaching her climax which brought me right to the edge as I pulled out with a loud squelch. She moaned as I sucked on her slick tongue to savour the salty taste of spunk & her hand squeezed my thick cock which responded to her nimble fingers; then I cupped her pretty face in the palms of my hands while her soft lips fed on my tongue to relish the tangy flavour of her pussy until we parted to gulp in air that was humid with heat & passion. She was dancing with her friend Elaine, who I’d dated several years previously & she gave a little wave as the music stopped to be replaced by a babble of voices shouting for more beer, more vodka & a whole range of 'conversation'; it was impossible

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Kozue nanao
Elle est un reve
This made my panties wet