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#378715 - My cock warmed and swelled to a semi-hard state, my head flopped backwards onto the roof of the car with a thud as she started to stroke her full lips slowly back and forth along the full length of me, occasionally pulling back my foreskin to swallow and tongue my helmet; cupping my balls in her hand. As soon as maggie knew i was spent she stood up and looked me in the eye not saying a word, she dragged her skirt up her thighs to reveal her bald pussy and placed my still hard cock between her legs and rubbed her drenched cunt back and forth, she leant in and gently placed her lips on mine, i placed my hands on her face and we began to kiss passionately only for me to realise i had a mouthful of my own cum, i couldn't have cared less; if this is what maggie wanted then she had earned it. Maggie began a slow increasing rhythm taking half of me and every few strokes all of me, occasionally just holding the head in her mouth and wanking me, all i could do was grunt like i wild bore

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