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#212521 - I tell her to have a sit on the floor while we wait for Eric. I grab Eric and kiss him tasting our girl and she taste good I lift my skirt and tell Nat and Eric to eat my pussy as I lay down I grab them both by the head and guide them where I need them Eric tells her what to do although she doesn’t need it I bury her face in my pussy as she licks and sucks I tell Eric to suck my breast as I pull her hair roughly I want to punish this girl for making me want her so much so slap her face and call her names as I cum hard. Eric- Mistress is going to let me lick her new pet I wanted that bitch to suck my dick.

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Saki miyanaga
Wouldn t your neighbor s wife just be your neighbor
Elise lutus
Nothing better than good ole fashioned butt fucking plus it s safer no babies