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#316576 - Mom, Brenda yelled from just inside the front door while struggling under a load of wedding shower gifts, you gotta come and see all of the cool things the girls gave me!!! Her mother, still wiping her hands after washing the lunch dishes, caught a falling box that tumbled from her daughter's arms and replied, My goodness Bren, you made quite a haul today didn't you!?! Uh huh, Brenda replied excitedly, and you're just not going to believe it, but almost everyone there gave me expensive lingerie, you know, the really good stuff that costs a fortune!!! Let's take all of these packages up to your room so you can show me what you have, her mother said, while picking up a bundle of gifts!!! Good idea, Brenda answered, let's go!!! Once in her bedroom, Brenda began tearing open each package to show her mom exactly what she had been talking about!!! Just look at this, Brenda said while holding up and silk teddy in front of her, what do you think!?!

Read Pretty Nekura Megane ♀ - Fate grand order Bald Pussy Nekura Megane ♀

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