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#110327 - I was the center of attention of all of the staff, at a certain point I was fucked by all three guys together, once I had a cock in my pussy, another one in my ass and the third in my mouth, at different times I tried having two in one and the third in the available hole, which was a night to remember for the rest of my life. I laughed saying “that would be an easy fantasy for you to satisfy, I got on my knees, asking Rickie to get behind me, as soon as he started finger fucking my ass, preparing it for his giant cock, I pulled Alice asking her to spread her legs wide for me, I started licking her pussy while Ricky was busy fucking me in my ass. The other ones were of older men, which needed Viagra to be strong enough to satisfy my fuck holes, I was truly enjoying being double fucked by those younger guys, screaming and moaning as loud as I could, I was having an orgasm after another nonstop.

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