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#125756 - then her dad made megan suck him clean and he started getting hard again and he told megan to stock sucking he dident want to waist a good load in her mout he positioned her ass in theair and she new what was happening and she new she couldent take it but her dad dident care he just turned her around and pushed it up into her tight teen ass and she screamed from alll the pain and her dad said yea scream baby i know u like it and megan just began to cry from the pain and the thought that she was being raped by her dad. after about another 5 min had gone by she felt zuce climb off of her and his cock slip out of her she started getting up and zuce jumped back on her she was ready for round 2 and she knoticed that it was almost time for her dad to arrive home from work but zuce dident cause he mounted her again but thistime he mounted megans little ass and she had never had anything in her ass she was still a virgin there 2 she started screaming cause it hurt her so bad she hated knowing

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