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#98350 - I found myself in between John & Nick with Nicks cock wedged between my arse cheeks again; I was facing John swaying to the music when he reached in taking hold behind my head lowering his lips to mine for a very long & passionate kiss, with Nicks cock expanding up the crack of my arse I slipped my tongue into Johns mouth for a full on tongue duel, fuck I was as horny as hell & I wanted both of these boys to fuck the shit out of me & I didn’t care who was watching, I turned to Nick & slipped my tongue down his throat as I felt John grab my boobs and gently started to massage them, I broke the kiss & leaned into Nicks ear & whispered go lube that magnificent cock of yours & hurry back. We have made good friends with many people and share their company as often as possible. We never made it to lunch, spending all afternoon pleasuring ourselves until early evening when Cindy called a halt to lovemaking suggesting Pizza and sleep as we all had an early start in the morning, this is beco

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