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#172483 - They all say that, all young girls try to hide that it really excites them, some even fight a little, but they get the spit in the end, its what they really want, even if they say no Steve said, Look Jenna want's it, trust me I’ve roasted enough girls to know how to spot when their excited enough about it to want it for themselves, even when they hide it as good as Jenna has, Think it over, ask her, see what she says and let me know Steve added and went back to tending a fire pet he was stocking with fresh charcoal. Jenna spent the whole day thinking of noting but Jessica on the spit the way she cried, screamed, rubbed her clit on the steel pole to get off, She must have enjoyed it at least a little the way she was trying to fuck herself with the spit rubbing her clit She thought to herself and looked up at the clock to see it was nearly 3pm. Thanks Ted, stick around a sec ill need to get the pig back over the fire Steve said as Susan walked over to Jessica and pla

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