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#228097 - . Sure you can, he shot back, every woman I know loves sucking cock, why should you be any different!?! I don't know, she replied while staring intently at his huge erection, I just don't!!! Not good enough, sister, he replied while shaking his head from side to side, daddy needs some head and you're gonna give it to him, now do I have to get rough with you or not!?! He reached out and grabbed her by the hair, and while she whimpered in protest, he could tell right away her heart wasn't in it and with one hard pull his dick head came to rest against her half open mouth!!! That's a good girl, he said softly, we're almost there, now open up just a little more and let daddy inside!!! The smell of stale urine and sweat were over powering, and her immediate reaction was to retch, but the pressure being applied to her lips was so insistent that she opened he mouth just another inch and he popped inside of her!!! Oh yeah, baby, he sighed,

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Kimihiro watanuki
I almost failed next time
Megumi tokoro
I ve got the same dick not only in size but also in shape amd colour thats funny
Tohka yatogami
Will personally stick to coffee enemas but interesting watch curious how that feels