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#177381 - Quickly out came Buckles cock it looked leathery and was big Carrie must have known what I was thinking she said daddy measured him the head of his cock is 10 centimeters across and the shaft is 75 centimeters across put both hands around it and keep stroking she said o held it on both hands and kept stroking I moved my head forward to meet it, and wrapped my lips around the head, which barely fit into my mouth it had an earthy taste to it that was not unpleasant I sucked on him enjoying the unusual experience Buckle shuffled and his cock in a matter of seconds extended several inches pushing his cock into my throat and my head back my throat and mouth was filled with hot creamy horse cum, although I swallowed the massive amount that had shot down my throat' more went up the back of my nose more squirted out of him I swallowed some much of it ran out of my mouth down my chin and breast I  released his cock from my mouth and got a squirt full in the face I opened my mouth to catch

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Very hot girl and incredible blowjob skills hope to see more of you
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