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#102421 - Peter positioned himself between her legs and told me to wave my cock at her mouth whilst he slowly penetrated her pussy, the moment my cock touched Sally’s lips she opened her mouth and guided me in until I reached the back of her throat, she bobbed up and down in unison with Peter’s cock sliding in and out of her vagina. Peter received their drinks that he had ordered on the way past the bar and settled down next to me suggesting that Sally had only mentioned the threesome as it was a pet fantasy she had had for quite a while but had never acted upon. We continued the massage and at one time Peter slipped his finger into Sally’s pussy bringing her to an almost instant orgasm, not to be out done I cheekily slipped a finger into her butt crack and to my surprise Sally moaned and Peter congratulated me for being so bold suggesting that Sally must be really relaxed to let us get away with that move.

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If that guy was a virgin before this has to be the greatest day of his life
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