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#2247 - 2 weeks of skiing with your family, you though it was going to be hell, at the end it was enjoyable, the evening before leaving you’re packing your bags when Paul your brother knocks on the door, ‘Hi Sis, I have a favour to ask if you’d be willing’ He says entering. Without speaking John finally gets up and you hear him shower, it must be 20 minutes later when walking back into the kitchen he leans over and kisses you ‘I’ll be back about 5pm, be ready for me’ he whispers and it sends a shiver down your body as you realise you’re now helplessly submissive to your 19 year old nephew and you’ll do anything he wants from now on!. Both of you lay on his bed until you fall asleep, waking the next morning you hear John in the kitchen and without thinking you walk in naked, stopping you’re shocked to see him standing there also naked and with a full hard on, as he walks over to you all you can do is watch as his cock bounces slightly.

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Both are sexy
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