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#59069 - I said, I had lot of rubber’s because I was in college, so I told her that I always had rubbers in the house for all the college girls that come over to study with me, which was a lie because as for me the only guy in college that isn’t getting any I was just studying and I bought the rubber’s just for show. Anyway Nikkei had a super models ass it was that good as for Robin she was the sexiest out of all of them, but she was a bitch and looked a lot like my evil stepmother but younger ever thou she was sexiest out of her three sister’s she had long black hair with what looked like brown eyes, as for her tit’s they looked like two footballs in each side of her chest. The next moaning Rebecca told me that her half-sister was coming to spend the night also and that she and the kids were going to set as long as she was here.

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