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#134701 - When tall guys cock went into me I could feel straight away that something was different and it wasn’t just the obvious difference in girth, I couldn’t quite place what but as I looked down between my legs I could see that he hadn’t put a condom on but at this point I just didn’t care, the site of this total strangers cock sinking into my soaking and aching trimmed pussy was just complete bliss. The next day I genuinely felt battered and bruised, they had fucked me into exhaustion! That is my confession that I have not told anyone, ever!! My one night as a ?300 a session whore and to this day thinking about the entire thing still really, really turns me on. No one except the people involved know about it and no one in the world knows it is me except me.

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Karina lyle
Dark side of the moon is overrated
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Would anybody wanna get under my panties