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#294787 - Quickly i take a look at the surroundings i see i have a quick chance to hide her the the mens room and without hesitation when she turned around bumping straight into me i pretend to hug her while grabbing her tightly moving quickly into the restroom and slide into the handicap toilet nearly being seen by the 2 men using the urinals which this little girl was looking at but with her mouth pressed against my chest she could not make a sound. Looking at the freckles which faintly covered her nose below the innocenct stares from her eyes which reminded me of sailor moons eyes protected by long eyelashes which were slashing my self control away i move to her shorts which are cut off at her little ass cheak, I sense she feels my wondering eyes on her wonder of a little body and at this time i am thinking about how her little thong strap which is showing off by stretching across her right, tanned hip bone which i if i could just get her alone i catch myself thinking causing me to look up a

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