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#139689 - Then she tells me to suck it all out of her, I don't at first thinking of everthing she just said but keep licking. I can tell she is really beings to enjoy it, she grab the front part of my hair for balance and start to slid her pussy over my mouth only stopping to tell me to suck me suck it all out She then grids into my face more and talks to me like a mother to a child and says Are you ready to like this skank's dirty, sweaty, hot ass now? Are you? she then pulls my hair to make me nod yes then says good boy And pulls my hair to slid her anus up on my mouth and tells me to start licking and again asks me if it taste good and says, You like that don't you and I can do nothing but nod. The other guy was still up my ass giving me a few last thrusts so I told him to pull my pants up while I keep the assholes balls in my hands then I got in the car and tried to hold his cum in my ass for you as much as I could I do hope you enjoyed it.

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Rei furuya | tooru amuro
Bigger is always better
Crazy good blowjob