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#171713 - Do you want to know a secret, Krista whispered?!? What, Ingrid gasped as Krista's index finger slid easily into her slit and quickly found her budding clitoris!?! I've been with both men and women and none of them has excited me the way you do!!! With her head was now spinning like a top out of control, Ingrid gave in to her passions and let Krista have her way with her now very aroused body!!! Tell me, Krista whispered into her ear, do you have a boy friend?!? Not anymore, Ingrid moaned, w-we were supposed to be on this cruise together but I caught him with another woman!!! While working her finger faster and more intensely, Krista offered softly, Men are all scum, you can't trust any of them, but don't worry, baby, Krista is going to make the rest of your cruise unforgettable!!! And no sooner than the words exited her mouth than Ingrid's pussy convulsed uncontrollably as a monster orgasm shredded it like so much confetti, leaving her lean

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So sexy jessie is the best
Taiga aisaka