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#362486 - She asked if I was going to have sex with her again, I couldn’t say, in a way it was down to Rachel, she might not want to, but if she did, I wouldn’t say no. I think she guessed what I was thinking because she said “I won’t tell, if you let my touch your penis, I promise” at this point all rational thinking was fast leaving me and I took a step closer to the bath, Rachel reached out and touched my cock, “It’s so soft” immediately my cock grew, she looked surprised, “Did I make it do that”? I nodded, “Will it get bigger”, I was now lost and ready for the gates of hell to open, but I couldn’t stop it. When Rachel saw my cock she looked down at herself and back to me, “What’s that”? I thought I should tell her to speak to her mother about the differences between boys and girls, but then she would want to know how she knew we were different, so I decided to tell her.

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