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#255698 - I started to enjoy it, just last the previous week, but even more this time. They changed places again and this time he was taking his time and I realized that I was truly enjoying it, I liked his cock, it filed me and then he stopped pumping me and while grabbing me by my hips he said, “You do it” I didn’t understand at first but then he moved my hips and I understood, he wanted me to push my hips in and out of his cock, he was standing still with his hands grabbing my hips while I worked his cock, I was giving him my buns freely for his cock to enjoy them that went on for a couple of minutes and then he grabbed my hips, went deeper into me till I felt his pubic hair and then he moved my hips from side to side and said, “You do it” and now I was pressing my buns while he had his cock deep in me and I was, as instructed, moving me buns from side to side, and I was enjoying it, at that time they could have done anything they wanted with me. Immediately they picked up the marbles an

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Midori saiba
Thats not an ordinary blowjob its porn wrapped in art