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#137042 - “Tina, this is for the bad girl that you’re going to be now that you’re 18! Over my knee this instant! You’ll find out what happens to bad girls at The Stuffed Pussy!” With that announcement, Eddie grabs me by my arms and hauls me over his lap. !” Unbelievable! Now I’m expected to instruct my rapist how to screw me! I feel the heat wash over my breasts and up to my face as I stutter “Bobby, please rub your cock along my pus pussy. I know you’re all dying to see the results of this hotly contested vote! Phil, why don’t you put the options up on the screens!” Eddie watched with interest as Tina turned and squinted at the big sports projector screen where the options to take her virginity appeared with a percentage of the vote they received next to it.

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