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#334758 - I applied some force over it, till it started gliding into my cunt again, I kept at it slowly till he was balls deep inside my pussy, then I started dancing on it up and down, riding it and fucking myself over it like there was no tomorrow, he held my ass cheeks, helping me fuck his cock so fast and so deep nonstop, till we both were breathing hard, screaming hard and ready to cum same time. I guess I wanted this more than he did by then, he started licking my pussy in a nice experienced way; the old guy was treating my pussy with so much respect knowing its needs by all means. I knew that kind of an act would only be done by an experienced whore or hooker, straight eying her man while massaging or sucking his dick, but I guess I wasn’t thinking about it by then, besides, he must have known it was some kind of a childish behavior from me, that is why he lowered his head, kissed my cheek, then he placed a few quick kisses on my lips.

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