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#97222 - as she shit a little on my dick grabbing her hair in my strong hands I forced the head of my cock in her mouth then I fucked her mouth, she started to chock on the thickness in her mouth gagging slightly felling sick as she tasted her own shit on my member I started to feel and intense orgasmic pressure build cumin in her and making her swallow I kissed her mouth as she slumped to the bed already forgetting who it was who had violated her so but If I wanted she would remember, I slipped out of the house and road my 1100 blackbird into the night all the while thinking of my next victim You decide by commenting who should it be the girl stef from the lesbian pick my bosses daughter the young male glass washer or my pregnant ex-girlfriend who is also 14 you decide and the story will be call rebirth…………………. signed vamp 616 ……. It had only been a few days since my 21st birthday but id already changed into some one, no something else it was the right of every first born male in my f

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Best ever you must be kidding