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#197838 - If l stay still long enough, she would go to sleep which gave me the chance to wank my cock while my aunt Joe had her hand on my belly, l did try putting her hand onto my cock but where l was holding it so tight it would wake her up l think sometimes she knew what l was doing because Joe would say ‘don’t do that, its naughty’ but it didn’t stop me trying, l may not have fucked my aunt Joe but she donated many pairs of knickers without knowing. One evening l got a phone call from Jay saying he had moved back into the area and do l fancy meeting for a drink, Jay hadn’t changed he still enjoyed wearing underwear so l informed him that l had a large collection of knickers, bras and stockings, he asked if l could bring them to his place as he would like to try them on, l joked it would be a long night because l had hundreds.

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Lobelia carlini
Yusei fudo
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Zenitsu agatsuma
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