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#191100 - i thanked my mom and with parental permission i brought the thing for $5000 (your find out what it is at the dinner party) dean said to me id love to be rich it isnt all that dean you get bord really soon being able to have whatever you want all the time without earning it dean looked at me with shock that i had just said that then finally said wow leon i thought you was a spoilt brat but your really not no im not i said smiling anyway a few days later it was the day of the dinner party i was looking forward to it but i was upset that julieta was leaving us. i asked my mom what are we having a dinner party? my mom smiled and said your lady maid has been given usa citizenship and no longer needs to work for us so we are having a dinner party for her i smiled and my eyes fell up with tears okay mom we are going to go bye boys my mom said (harvey being part of my family now so to speak was allowed to call my mom mom) we both replied at the same time bye mom when i g

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Is there an american site i can purchase this or something similar