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#179448 - Had Rusty been human, Chloe would have best described what Rusty had just done to her was take a 'quickie' since from start to finish it had taken less than two minutes! A black husky dog that seemed to be waiting patiently while Rusty and Toothwork double teamed her began to sniff at her. This time she felt his massive knot ease out of her, followed by an embarrassing expulsion of trapped air which reverberated and was followed by a gush of whitish liquid which covered her vulva and dripped down behind her. The car was sleek and low to the ground and only had two visible seats and a tiny space behind the driver’s and passenger seat that didn’t look big enough to seat a toddler.

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Sayuka kouenji
Love to try this one time
Tsukiko tsutsukakushi
For anyone wanting to know this is violet rain she unfortunately passed a year ago very sad
Ayaka kurusugawa
Hi salamat
Pastel ink
You are a goddess always a pleasure to admire you