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#219699 - I could feel him up inside me ,futher than I though possible ! Getting faster and faster he was all the way in me and this is when I first fellt him start to come inside me, it felt like a hot feeling in my belly and it sparked off another round of me commmmming ! I could feel the come running out of me and Mike was just still holding me around the waist with his hands and I could feel him start getting soft. Mike has shown me how to suck a man untill he commes , I HAVEN'T DID THAT WITH MY HUSBAND YET, and he has eaven got that big dick of his up in my ass ! MY husband hasn't got that eather, ha ha, The logging job ended and it was hard for Mike to get out to my house very often and I also started Nursing school and wasn't at home all day as I was back then.

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