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#148875 - Lee came out some 20 minutes later, Pauline now at least was talking, saying she had never felt so full, or so sexy, as when we were fucking her, and how her life had changed so much in the last few days. It was a good long fuck, Jerry had knotted and my cock was having trouble staying in her pussy as it was so tight, Lee held of, and let Alf face fuck her now, then I could feel Jerry's cock grow more, Pauline her eyes glazzed over, was so horny, we could and were doing any thing to her. After our morning piss play, I told Pauline to ring Des, her boyfriend and tell him, she would stay with him in London, after she had dropped me of at the airport on Saturday, with a smile she quickly rang him and arranged that, then I told her to send Jane a message to say we would drop Jerry of Saturday morning also on the way to airport, save her driving out here to pick him up, again, all smiles and things were set.

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