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#157321 - She say I tell u it long story but I cut it down (your mom was out with her mate at end of the nite I was chat to your mom when it was closeing time your mom and me was walk we was about 5 mins from your house I see a alley I grab her hair took down push up fench I pull her dress up the slut didn't have any knicker on I fuck her hard and deep cum up her nasty holes befor I let her go I gave her my number she call me couple days later. She very submission now she my bitch she dose what I say ) tom mouth was wide open in shock thay start to head bk home linda was horny tell tom about the story when thay got stuck in red light she pull her cock out grab tom drag his head to her cock she seld suck me of or I wil drag u out car fuck u ever one can see he was scare she wud he open her mouth and she push his head down rough he was gaging she hell him down just befor that got home and came in his mouth. Linda and tom was left alone to get ready for school thay got in car thay did sum small t

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Damn wish my hot empress mom would do me like this too bad she died in 1382
Megumi reinard
2 years omg
Todo mundo tomando no cu menos o presidente do coritiba vaza samir seu arrombado
Ark royal
Not a pawg but nice body still