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#298879 - There was little resistance from my hymen which was already more or less gone because of how much i stretch at dancing, but what was left still bloody hurt as he eased in, he seen me wincing and asked if i wanted to stop, i told him no the only way round it was to carry on, so he pushed further in and it became more painful, i told him to start moving, so he thrusted lightly back and forth a few times, and the pain eased off, i joined him and built up a rythmpushing in and pulling out, he was leaning over me and i had my legs wrapped around his ass. The Next morning i couldnt get my self ready quick enough i was so excited at what was going to happen, i made sure i packed condoms because if we were to have sex, i couldnt risk a pregnancy especially with a priest, so anyways we arrived at his place around supper time after a day of shoppingwith mum, and had supper with him. I am 5'5 with 32b breasts that have a good shape, long blonde hair and an average figure because i am a

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Nene anegasaki
Wen that happens to me i just raise the prices on my turnips n animal crossing so the homies realize the error in they ways