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#222024 - The maid was older than most of the other helpers of the mansion, but she was still a sight to behold, her stunning arse called the attention of any man, her thin lips and bony cheeks held her face to that of an authoritative figure, firm and just, but hid a beauty that was unexplainable, even at her age of fifty-five, she was still sashaying that arse in public, often getting cat calls and an occasional blowjob in a secluded area. The coppery taste mingled with the saltiness of his sweat. It took the couple a few minutes of walking down the dirt road before she spotted the white building with the large sign and slogan: Lando’s Parlor! Pag hinid ka gumanda, libre na ang haircut! “That’s the parlour” Carlota took Conor’s hand and they both went in holding hands.

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