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#92237 - It was a Thursday afternoon l was lying on the bed with my legs in the air and a deliveryman’s cock wedged in my pussy fucking me hard and fast, as l orgasmed noticed a figure in the doorway, it was my husband, l couldn’t talk due to my orgasm beginning to sweep through my whole body, l started shaking and quivering under the guy. I don’t think my husband had ever been so worked up as he fucked me that afternoon with his smooth solid cock, he was asking if l enjoyed the deliveryman inside me, and how deep did his cock fill me, then remarked how my inside felt like it was a swamp of another man’s hot creamy spunk. He didn’t take long to empty his balls down my throat, it’s amazing how l have become hooked on the taste of warm creamy spunk l could swallow it down by the pint full yet l have friends who admit to not even letting their husbands shoot into their mouths and swallow, all that protein just going to waste they don’t know what their missing.

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