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#250834 - I let her get used to my fist then worked it more, turning my hand inside her ass, she went wild, guys now face fucked her and cum in or over her face, I eased my arm out, another orgasm made her shake and collapse on the floor. I rode her arm, wanting to beat her efforts with me, the amyl took a beating as my ass worked more and more arm inside me, I could take her to the elbow now on a good day, so with a inch or so left one good push got me there. I was further in than ever before, just a inch left and my elbow would go in too, Joy looked at my arm, her eyes popped as she saw my hand fully in her ass, then more amyl and she tried harder still, with one good push and a huge orgasm my elbow went in, she jumped but I went with her, causing another good orgasm.

Read Ninfeta Hitoduma Sichou no H na Kaikaku Ch. 1 Mature Hitoduma Sichou no H na Kaikaku Ch. 1

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