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#286609 - She was mentally and physically fatigued, and her usually sharp mind had been dulled by the past days events. She was the ultimate female, and she was being taken by an unknown force! Again, she screamed when her vagina was rocked by the most intense orgasm any female had ever experienced! When she finally opened her eyes, thirty five other passengers were staring at her, wondering what had caused this twenty five year old woman to have what appeared to be an intense sexual episode on a crowded city bus!!! She would have gotten off at the next stop, but as was the case yesterday morning, she couldn't move a muscle, but thankfully by the time the bus reached down town, she had just enough strength to wobble to the exit door and make it to the street. Oh great, she thought, all I have to do is never fall asleep again and everything will be all right! At six pm sharp she left her office and headed for the bus stop, anxious to get home and take a hot bath and get to bed.

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Rindou mikoto
I love that body
Wow he was really loaded
Ichika hoshino
You are so cool