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#278143 - Sylvia, still spread wide open, moaned softly as her husband entered her dripping pussy, and while Fred began stroking in and out of her blonde muffy, he was completely unaware of what was happening behind him! The black master had squeezed a squirt of oil into his hand and was in the process of lubricating his pecker, and not until Fred felt the head pushing against his tight bung hole did he realize that he was going to get his ass fucked!!! No, please no, he begged, but it was no use, the black giant was just too big and powerful for him to fight off, and with a hard lunge, Fred's virgin asshole was taken by the ten inch black satisfier?! At first the pain was brutal, and Fred sensed that he was being torn apart. Fred too felt a calmness come over him, as he knew that from now on, he would also be a slave to the thick black erection that had just fucked his ass!!! THE END.

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Sylvia christel
Are you the guy that is in all of the clips jesh
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You like it stop playin perve