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#168732 - It was my turn that week end to go in to feed the animals, I was first watering the plants and was surprised when Linda walked into the green house, I asked what she wanted, “I owe you a slap for the other day” she then hit me, as I grabbed my arm faking sever pain she hit me a second time, I looked at her and asked what that was for, “Because” again being on the spur of the moment I told her she had hit the others only once so she owed me now, “Oh yeah, that’s what you think” she then ran out and headed up to the shed, I was hot on her heals and caught her in the shed, not too hard to do as there was only one door, I grabbed her and pushed her against the side, I then shoved my hand under her top and pushed her bra off her tits, clamping each hand over a tit, I felt them for a second or two, she just stood there, saying nothing and not trying to stop me, seeing she was willing I dropped one hand and pulled her skirt up and finding the top of her knickers I eased my hand in and down to

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Haruma kawagoe
Beautifully erotic body love your cum at the end just begging to be licked out xx
Hahah everywhere