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#308098 - Stacey awoke the next morning feeling strangely then she realized she was hanging upside down naked and legs spread wide open as she looked around she sees Jerry standing in front of her smiling at her, What the fuck is the meaning of this we had an agreement, I was to prepare and cook Jessica then I go home, LET ME GO NOW YOU SON OF A BITCH!! she screams at him but Jerry only laughs at her, Not so tough now are you?, you silly fucking cunt did you actually think You were going to be sent home knowing what you know and what you have seen he said to her picking up his knife, the same one that had cut open Jessica's belly the night before and removed her fillet. THE END. Once Stacey was sitting in the passenger side of the truck Jerry turned his attention on Jessica his newly acquired slave and meat-girl, without a second thought he ripped off the few pieces of clothes she had put on for the trip, You wont need those anymore slave he said as he picked up some rope from

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They were in frys lol who is she
Neige hausen
Thank you so much love maybe i ll do a snap show in this lingerie sometime soon