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#276706 - Not happy at making my own breakfast l then had to do my brother’s, he asked where our mother was so l told him in bed with a hangover then as if a light had come on in his head he asked where are her sleeping pills, l knew straight away my brother’s plan he was going to feed our mother a few pills then get between her legs which annoyed me as l felt like l wasn’t good enough for him anymore, l reluctantly got him the pills while he made a coffee then l had to take the drink to her and make sure she drank it all. At breakfast my aunt announced that my mother had phoned to say that my brother Dave was getting engaged to Claire which fucking got me angry and upset but l pretended to be so happy. I lay in the garden sun bathing my bikini top just covered my nipples and the crutch of the bottoms were slid between my pussy lips, l might as well just wear a G-string.

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So incredibly hot
Black widow
Swowwwwwwww can i eat that
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Glad you enjoyed so much