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#131952 - Jeremy called me into the other room and like an obedient slave l asked what my master wanted which scored me a few brownie points then said l would like to suck my masters cock because l had been disobedient he didn’t answer just smiled, l knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth, slid my hand down his shaft and kissed the tip of his cock next licked from the bottom of his balls right up to the head of his cock. After the show l walked back to the carpark with Jeremy, he asked what was l looking for so l replied a bit of excitement, he enquired if l had ever been with a guy as that can be exciting with the right guy, l answered l really wouldn’t know what to do then confessed how l would like to try dressing in woman’s clothes as l’ve always liked the feel of the material on my skin, he invited me to his place as he had a wardrobe of woman’s clothes because he used to meet someone who also liked to cross-dress and they left the clothes at his place after they moved away.

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Daisuke kousaka
She is gorgeous love the way she cleans up after herself such a sexy girl
Aki kino
Nerd safada que delica